Saturday, August 27, 2011

I doubt I like this because I'm a habitual speeder...

This story is fantastic. A Florida motorist was ticketed for warning other drivers about a speed trap. The charge? Some absurd "illegal use of highbeams" nonsense. The man decided to sue the Florida Highway Patrol, and in doing so highlights the following:
"...he adds the agency is not being honest when it says it doesn't write tickets to increase revenue or punish people, but rather to get the motorist to slow down on the highway. If that were true, Campbell says the FHP should be delighted with him, because drivers did slow down before troopers could give them a ticket."
Imagine a public agency not being honest!

Speeding tickets may have started out as a form of public safety, but now are primarily for revenue generation.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Spiderman is half black, half latino!

I dunno. I think he looks Cablinasian.

Or is he Obama?

Wait! I thought Obama was Supes!

Seriously though, you'd think that with Obama's steady decline in popularity companies would stop using him for inspiration. Remember Tropicana's new ads that debuted around the time Obama was elected?

Incidentally, their sales tanked. Just like everything the big 0 touches.

--and don't forget this:

Site Maintenance

I've changed the blog a few times over the last few days. Mostly just trying to show this thing some attention. Perhaps I'll even blog something again. As if!

Also, I've added AJ Kessler's blog to our blogroll. Check it out.

I'm pretty sure I found him a few months back via a programmer/Mac website. Great stuff. Go get lost there for a while. Most of his stuff is about personal improvement, although he's taking the bar in California right now which may be a step in the wrong direction.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tea Party Terror

What is the tea party? I'm not quite sure there is a correct answer.

For some it is a new platform. For others, it's anarchists.

Is it organized? Is it ragtag?

I honestly don't know, but here's what it means to me.

The tea party is an idea. The idea that enough is enough.

The idea that government has gotten out of hand. The idea that too big to fail is too big (even if it's the government).

The idea that I am responsible for me. Not the government.

The idea that if we are all in this together then we should all contribute. No free rides.

The idea that freedom means freedom. Free to choose. Free to win. Free to fail.

Whatever it is, I'm trying to be part of it. I'm not an activist, but I want to live by these ideas.

And I'm glad to be on the other side of this bozo.

Order up!